Songwriters In-the-Round, and in the Spotlight!

When I decided to move ahead with the idea to produce a Songwriters In-the-Round, it certainly was not without some second-guessing. How many people would really be interested? How often is too often? Would I find enough master songwriters to fill these sessions? How far will artists travel to play for a small audience and … More Songwriters In-the-Round, and in the Spotlight!


I’ll keep this short and sweet. After nearly 12 years of dedicated service on the board of directors, and as communications chair at Godfrey Daniels, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce my departure from the organization. My dedication to the mission and vision of Godfrey’s has always been at the core … More departure.

Virtual Musikfest

There are certain vivid events that stand out in one’s memory as the years pass, whether they’re marked by happiness or sadness, trauma or celebration. Reaching back in my memory isn’t always easy. I’ve forgotten a whole lot, and the rest is so muddy I couldn’t really decipher the fact from fiction of my own … More Virtual Musikfest


Earlier this week, I announced a new project – a series of live-stream conversations, initially named Transcreate. After a bit of reflection, and consultation with colleagues, I’ve decided to change the name to Flex. Because that’s literally what it’s all about. The vision will still be the same, but this title will resonate more broadly. … More Flex.

Adapt with Intent.

For more than 20 years I’ve performed as a solo acoustic artist, often working with a duo or full band, to present my original works in a live setting. These live performances range from small intimate venues to large festival stages, throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. I’ve presented community-based programs in collaboration … More Adapt with Intent.

Hope in hopelessness

This afternoon, [Ophelia] Beth Sherby and I were playing music on Main Street at the Bethlehem Harvest Festival. During sound check we had captured the full attention of an elderly woman in attendance who I strongly suspect is homeless. She was loaded down, wearing multiple layers, with two bags – all of her belongings – … More Hope in hopelessness