A Moment of Gratitude

Hello folks,

It seems customary to offer a year-end wrap-up, or a new year greeting. To be honest, I’m struggling with the state of the world, the nation, and my own community, so this has been hard to compose.

My work in the music field has always led me on a path forward–learning and contributing, sharing and giving. For more than 20 years, I’ve enjoyed the opportunities to help inspire and support the local music community from within. But all that has come to a halt over the course of the past 22 months.

As we head into year three of this pandemic, I just want you to know that I’ll be out of the scene for the winter, avoiding all indoor gigs. There are numerous reasons why I must protect my own health and the health of my family, and I can only hope for a return to outdoor venues in the spring.

At this point I have so much to say, and most of it is not nice. I’m bitter and angry, but more than that I miss experiencing music with you all.

And what I miss the most, absolutely the most, is supporting my friends from the background–adding percussion and vocals to the song, and feeling the music course through my body for hours on end. Creating a space for that positive energy to pass back and forth between us all, and knowing that one thing keeps it all on track–trust.

I must offer a very heartfelt thank you to my dearest friends–Andy, Rameen, Todd, Nick, and my #1 pal Beth–for being a source of pure joy every single time we make music together.

So, this is where I’m at these days. Sitting by the fire, reflecting on the past and wildly uncertain about the future.

Be well, and experience peace.

– D

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