Ramble on the River

As many of you know, I’m very fortunate to be included as a presenting artist in the Ice House Tonight Series, here in Bethlehem, Pa. There are a handful of us who make up an independent consortium, mostly chosen because of our affiliation with local arts organizations.

This is an honor that I take very seriously, and with that comes an important decision – should this be a profitable event, or should the money be donated to a worthy organization here in our community? The answer is easy for me, and this marks my fourth annual benefit concert at the Ice House. Once again, I’ll be donating all profit to Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley.

Joining me this year are several dear friends – songwriters Andrew Portz, Alex Radus, Rameen Shayegan, with Todd Schied on drums, and Mitch Shelly on bass. Opening the show is my very special guest, Jordyn Kenzie. Phil Forcelli and City Entertainment will be providing sound for the show, and Back Door Bakeshop will be feeding the performers and sound crew.

I’m going to be coming at this with increased intensity over the next two weeks. Most all of you are in my community of music, as strong supporters.

Now’s the time to add this to your calendar! Click here for Advance Tickets

Tickets are also available at Back Door Bakeshop, and I have them with me at all times.

If you’re on social media, please SHARE and INVITE FRIENDS. Click here to go to the Facebook event, where you can also buy tickets directly.

Thanks, and I’ll see you on April 14!

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