In memory of Mike Fritz

Early spring 2015, we called ourselves “the cancer twins”, because we were both diagnosed on the same day. Mine was metastatic breast cancer, his was lymphoma. We shared quite a bit along the way, but ultimately Mike’s lymphoma was too aggressive to overcome. He passed away this morning, at home—where he wanted to be.

Mike Fritz was a good friend to me, and he helped me grow as a musician and songwriter. Our time together started in 2009, when we met at an open mic, and it continued into 2014. While we hadn’t worked together since then, our friendship continued.

Last month, I began celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Logic and the Heart, but I soon paused, awaiting the prognosis of Mike’s illness. Not only did he play multiple guitars and drums, Mike produced that record, and helped arrange the songs as well.

So, I hope these photos will honor his memory, and help us to remember the music that we made together. My heart is with his daughter, Tamara; wife, Paola; mother Margarette, and the rest of his family and friends.

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