Dina Hall is a songwriter, singer, guitarist, percussionist, and recording artist, rooted in Bethlehem, PA, USA. Her original songs often deal with the conflict between the head and the heart, poetically striking up conversations between them both.

Hall’s original music sits perfectly alongside the songs that she chooses to cover–blending folk/rock and Americana–and feature her familiar voice on each one.

Current Band members: Andy Killcoyne-guitar, Nick Franclik-bass, and Todd Schied-drums. Special guest Rameen Shayegan on mandolin, guitar and vocal.

Some people can change in front of your eyes. It might be because of their temper, or from a life-changing experience. With Dina Hall, it happens when you put a guitar in her hands and let her sing.

– Dave Howell, special to The Morning Call

Thank you so much for captivating the crowd and bringing a smile to everyone’s face! What a magical afternoon! The crowd at The Broadway is definitely not your typical bar crowd. We’re so lucky to have such a great crowd who truly appreciates talent.

– Becky Moyzan, Broadway Grille and Pub, Inn at Jim Thorpe, Pa