The Morning Call, Rina TorchinskyAug. 7, 2020

“I’m one of those people who like to, if I can, look to have a positive and meaningful conversation,” Hall said in a phone interview. “Even though I might be complaining on the inside, I’m really looking for some positive outcomes from all of this.” In response to the flood of virtual performances, Hall launched “flex: adapt with intent.” this summer — a virtual series of conversations with local artists to discuss continuing the arts during these unprecedented times.” Read More

The Aquarian weekly, Mike Greenblatt – April 2, 2019

“…Vocally, she has a second gear to her voice. I’m not talking falsetto. She can belt. Not belt in the traditional Broadway stage way (she’s much too discreet in a folkie kinda way for that) but listen to her profound original “Round and Round,” as she reaches for a dramatic crescendo which is followed by…. nothing. Silence. Dramatic silence. Maybe two beats worth. “Yeah,” she says over dinner at La Lupita, an exquisite Mexican BYOB joint, “I’m at full vocal throttle and then nothing. Alanis Morrisette does that too. So, what do you do when it’s quiet? You have to think and fill in the space with your own thoughts.” Read more

Lehigh Valley Style – Women of Style

July 29, 2013

“You write [songs], you play them, you get them to be the best they can be, and then you give them away,” she says. “You give them to the listener or you give them to other musicians. You give them a canvas on which to paint and add more color and texture.” Read More

Logic and emotion drive Dina Hall

The Morning Call, Nov. 4, 2011 Allentown, Pa; Dave Howell – freelance writer; Jodi Duckett – Features Editor

“Some people can change in front of your eyes. It might be because of their temper, or from a life-changing experience. With Dina Hall, it happens when you put a guitar in her hands and let her sing…”  Read More

Local Soundtrack: Dina Hall’s ‘Logic and the Heart’ delivers strong musical and emotional range

Lehigh Valley Music Blog, Nov. 4, 2011 Allentown, Pa; by Dave Howell Special to The Morning Call; posted by Jodi Duckett – Features Editor

“Dina Hall is a singer/songwriter who usually plays live shows solo with just her acoustic guitar for accompaniment. She writes songs that concentrate on lyrics over melody. Her challenge here was to make a CD that uses a whole band — The Backbeat —  and reaches for a larger audience ”  Read More

Dina Hall brings it all back home for new CD

The Bethlehem Press, Nov. 16, 2011 Bethlehem, Pa; Amy Herzog – freelance writer; Paul Willistein – Focus Editor

“Lehigh Valley’s Dina Hall celebrates the release of her new album, “Logic and the Heart,” with a performance and record release party backed by the Backbeat… Hall, who has been singing all her life, has blossomed as a musician.”  Read the article below

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