Treasures Left Behind

Way back in the 1990s, I was rummaging through a used record bin, and came across a compilation called, Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf. I bought it – probably because it included performances by Kathy Mattea, Nanci Griffith, and Emmylou Harris. It also featured some real folk artists – Utah Phillips, Rosalie Sorrells, Tret Fure, Cris Williamson, and John Gorka – but at the time, I had no idea who they were. If I came across this same record today, I’d buy it especially for those folks.

kate wolf

A couple of weeks ago, Dave Fry gave me a live recording of Mollie O’Brien and Nina Gerber to preview for our weekly radio show. As I listened to the recording, I heard Mollie refer to this very same album. I thought, “How cool is it that I have this in my collection?!”

Today, I read a tweet from the Indigo Girls, (who, by the way, I had not heard of in the early 1990s) showing a photo of their performance in the Kate Wolf Music Festival 2014. I went to the festival website and there was a very large, beautiful photo of Joan Baez, whose music I’m starting to learn by heart. The website music started to auto-play and I nearly jumped out of my seat. And I realized that I have come full circle.

Tonight on Live From Godfrey Daniels on WDIY 88.1 Lehigh Valley Community Public Radio, I’ll spin Mollie O’Brien and Nina Gerber’s show as well as cuts from Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf. Tune in or stream it live, 7-9 p.m.

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