Music makes me smile

Music. It can make us think. It can make us feel sad, or anxious, or even angry. But most often, it makes us happy. And when we play music with others, especially when we sing, endorphins are released in our brains, and that feels better than almost anything else I can think of. I’m sure this is why I’m drawn to songs with harmony, and it’s also why I invite others to play and sing with me whenever possible.

Last month I offered to lend a set of music for an event to benefit Melon’s Gift. Some good friends were performing and they were gracious enough to bring me on for a few songs. I showed up early, ready to jump in whenever I was called on. When the time came, I asked all of the musicians to join in if they felt comfortable. Within minutes, we launched into a 20-minute jam that included Ring of Fire, Love at the Five and Dime, and Angel Montgomery. Of course it wasn’t polished, but I prefer things to be a bit tarnished. I like it that way. It’s organic. Homegrown. Just like fresh vegetables.

Most importantly, this is what happened. We smiled. Everyone smiled. The audience smiled. And the musicians passed happiness back and forth among each other. I cannot put into words how it feels to be in that moment. But I have found that photographers can capture it perfectly. Like this.

jam session
These are good old friends. left to right: Regina Sayles, Matt Abell, CJ McKenna, Skip Dietrich, me, Kate Jordan. The photo was taken by Rose Meola.

This spring and summer, I plan to do more of this. Watch for these things to happen spontaneously, and enjoy the moment, because you will be a part of something very cool. Cool because you will be a Part of it, and you will know the feeling when it happens.

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