adapt with intent.

Webcast series, contemplating performing and visual arts during uncertain times – presented over live-stream on YouTube, and Facebook.

WED. 3/10 – Mandy Martin – Painter, Nature Lover, Beauty Hunter, artist chosen for Musikfest 2021 poster

WED. 3/17 – John Morgan Kimock – drummer, producer, co-founder Astrology Days Records; Sarah Haarmaan – professional dancer, Mark Morris Dance Group

Each week we chat about the ongoing challenges facing professionals in the performing and visual arts during a pandemic. For example, moving performance from the live audience to the live-stream. Or teaching visual arts over the internet, without hands-on demonstration. Can you do it? How are you doing it? Is is successful? Is it sustainable? and more. Your comments and questions are encouraged!

Rameen Shayegan, songwriter, recording artist, guitar maker and Todd Schied, producer, recording engineer, drummer, mentor

William Childs – Creative Director, Brand Storyteller, Columnist, Optimist

Kellie Lin Knott – singer-songwriter, musician, educator, and currently a tutor for live-streaming and/or running live-streams and private concerts

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