Merry Christmas Darling

A quick summary of my debut performance at The 16th Annual A Lehigh Valley Christmas Concert – Nov. 25, 2012, Miller Symphony Hall, Allentown, Pa


It was a whirlwind. So many smiles when I walked in the door, hugs and greetings and quick rehearsals in the green rooms, then waiting in the wings backstage, anticipating our turn to go on, last minute vocal exercises and hydration, deep breaths, then more hugs and kisses and the band before us exits the stage, and bam it’s time! And the stage is beautifully lit, and you can’t see the audience, but you can hear the cheers and the two songs are done and it’s the quickest seven minutes of a very rich life – so far – and then exit the stage, passing the next band in motion, with more hugs and kisses and pats on the back. And all the performances, and the finale – oh, my!

Huge Thanks to Miriam Huertas and Mike Krisukas for a fabulous event. Your beautiful kiss on stage at the end of the finale melted my curmudgeon heart.
John Harkins plays keyboards and bass with The Large Flowerheads. Tonight he sat in with us on guitar. It was very sweet and super organic. Thanks John and Moe!

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