Dina Hall is available as a side player – percussion and vocals.

Dina’s passion for the beats comes through in her style as a rhythm guitarist. During her days with the trio Jackknife Betty, she learned how to create percussive tones with various instruments, often confined by limited space and logistics. She continues to shine as a percussionist with the duo Ophelia, sharing the beatbox with Beth Sherby.

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown of 2020, many working musicians resorted to live-streaming, as a means to be creative and share their craft with others. This is just one of a series of workshops, called Stay Home Sessions, talking to families and individuals who were literally sitting at home, playing along!

Dina Hall is a featured artist with Croaker Percussion since 2017.

Croaker Percussion is dedicated to creating quality handcrafted percussion instruments with superior sound qualities and unmatched craftsmanship. Croaker products are available with patent pending Bendid Strings technology to provide a snare sound effect through the unique installation of guitar strings. Croaker cajons provide a deep resonate bass sound, beautiful mid tones and, when equipped with snares or strings, crisp high frequencies. Croaker Wojik Brush Boxes have a unique finish on the surface to accentuate the brushing strokes. Each product is made from quality materials and cuts are made to optimize features of the wood grain.